Could you help me
tell me more
pull on the strings of memory
and make a melody more pleasing to the ear
than the shit I’m hearing
on every station
I can tune anywhere near?

You said once
that you recall me
being kind to you
at a time
when few people were
and I
am having trouble
placing such an event.

I am having trouble
placing events
where I am kind
or I am fine
in any number of ways.
I am having trouble
identifying in a way
that could be seen
as good.
It would be kind
if you could help me see, please.

I don’t remember myself
in a way like you say.
I don’t remember myself
much at all
except as you see
and what you see
cannot be much of anything
if you see what I’m saying
and know what I mean
since I mean so little
to so many these days.
Can you help me
make some meaning of me
and remember something
of myself?

I am lost
and some reminder
would help me know more
than I could say
if you could say a little something
to explain how I helped you
back when you needed help
and I was kind
since it meant so little to me.
it would mean so much to me.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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