Under the Bridge by No Pepper

A guy just said
that a guy once said
that everyone should write a song
about being lost under the Brooklyn Bridge
which made me a little lost
since if you’re under the Brooklyn Bridge,
you’re not lost. You look up:
you know where you are.
Hard to wrap my beard around the concept.
Maybe in the water?

The guy who said it is dead now.
Maybe that’s how he passed:
drowned writing under the bridge,
struggling with drafting verses
paddling, tangled up in pedals.
Maybe that’s how he found his depth
as a writer.

But probably nobody has ever been lost
under the bridge
unless they’re looking for an address
that the bridge obscures.
Probably the bridge enlightens
far more than it obscures
so anyone who writes a song
about being lost under the bridge
is writing lies,
writing bad songs,
and that’s why I’ve never heard them
or the concept
or the guy who came up with it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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