Kirsten 3

Yes, ma’am.
I suppose it was impertinent of me
to think you might still
be paying attention to my comings
and goings-on all these years later.
I guess I had assumed it was mutual
but clearly you’ve moved on.

No, ma’am.
Clearly, you have better things to do
than follow up
on any message
some old acquaintance you’d forgot,
ten years out of mind,
might send you.

Of course, ma’am.
It was really rude to come here
in the middle of the night
to deliver this note
– this brick with a note attached –
and imagine I would get any reaction
different from this.

Yes, officer.
I think my apology is close to complete.

Thank you, ma’am,
for dropping most of the charges,
and reminding me that not all Kirstens
are created equal.

All this time,
and your name was Christine?

Well, then.
Thank you
very much
for your time tonight,

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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