The Funky Dime

My therapist says it’s time to seek out the sunnier side of things
see the glass as half full
succumb to the power of positive thinking,
all that sort of bullshit.
I’m against the entire enterprise
but I do believe in the power of state-enforced
mandatory mental health court requirements
I’ve been convinced to turn over
a greener leaf.

In wintry weather I search for
the warmest part of the street.
Perhaps it is good, then,
to be homeless
for it might afford easier access to roofs
far closer to the sky
and stars and moon
and, yes, the sun
to provide the heat
to keep me warm through these frozen months.

the absence of associates,
friends of any frequency,
affords me fewer distractions
from other important considerations in life
like solving world hunger
or completing the quadratic equation of love.

There are silver linings
keepings those clouds from just blowing away,
I’ll bet.
At least, my therapist would say.
There is good out there somewhere
if you squint the right way
and I think I’ve lost just enough vision
to find it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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