“Like What Thomas Jefferson Said…”

Kill the wolf.
Skin the wolf.
Cut the wolf into little vittles.
Sell ’em and make your money that way.
Sever the ear.
Market lucky wolfen ears
(be prepared to answer
“they were lucky for the next wolf over,
who wasn’t being held by the ear!”).
Make a mint!

Or… you could tame the wolf.
It would take some work
a ridiculous level of effort
no pain no gain
as Tommy probably said
some other day.
Convince the wolf to do your will.
Coerce the wolf.
Make the wolf your bitch.
There’s a word for that, surely.

At some point, I can only assume,
someone has tried
to captivate a wolf
and encourage it to do the bidding of man
by giving it treats and shelter and love
and building a long term relationship
and in so doing
make the wolf something safe.
Why hadn’t Tom considered this?

Enslave the wolf.
Make an army of him and her kind.
Entreat them to work hand in paw
to subserviate all the other wolves
and tigers and lions and bears
so there never need be fear of holding any beasts
by the ear e’er again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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