Mrs. Macklerod

I want it to be clear
more clear than anything else I may say today
that this is a very particular thing I feel.
It is unique
and I could feel it under no other circumstances.

I’m sure you will suspect my sincerity
question my motives
doubt my resolve
and that is the very purpose of my preamble:
to assure you that I am true
and honest
and what I say
is not subjective
or prejudiced
or situational.

What I tell you, I just know,
I would feel if you were not such a woman
of years and color.
It is not those things at all that I hate you.

I judge you purely on your character
– which is awful.
I have heard the things you say
and witnessed the people you’ve harmed
and it is not bigotry that makes you my enemy
but empirical evidence.

I don’t want to be swept up
with all the others
who hate you wrongly, Mrs. Macklerod.
They don’t know you like I do.
My feelings are true.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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