All Apologies #892


Apologies to Anna:
I didn’t know you were so drunk
or that it was your first time.
I didn’t realize that you’d be upset
that I’d brag about it
after we left the bathroom
or how angry it would make your boyfriend.
Fiancé? Former fiancé?
Oh. Didn’t know that either.

I didn’t understand how big that guy was
or just how disciplined he was at Krav Maga.
Hell, I didn’t know what Krav Maga was
or how effective it could be.

I didn’t get the sense of just how fertile you were
or the tenets of modern Catholicism
– though, really, you could have clued me in
on both of those.

But really
I was in the dark about any number of aspects
of the evening
and I’d like to tender my apologies
for every last bit of it.

I’d have done it in person, too
but that’ll have to wait until I regain
appropriate motor control.
Anyway: how’s the kid?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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