You knew what you had to do.
You knew the options in front of you,
the opportunities available.
It was all clearly laid out for you.
Laid? Lain? Whatever.
You knew what you were getting into.

You had a clear path
and an interesting path
and a lot of others in between
and, as far as anyone can tell,
you took none of them.
You opted for the path
of least resistance, which,
thinking about it,
has proven
in the long run
to be something much harder.

Did you intentionally go for the passive way?
The aimless way?
Such a goddamn useless way?
Whatever took you down
your long and winding road,
you’re stuck with it now.
It’s your past.
It’s what has defined you.
It is who you’ve been.

The next question:
what’re you gonna do about it?
The path that took you here
needn’t define you forever.
You can break chains
or stake new directions
whenever you choose.
Will it be today?
And where will you go?

Not so clear anymore,
is it?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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