The Bowl Can Hold

Because of his cruelty
Loki is sentenced:
bound beneath a titanic snake
who drips poison on him
so rapidly
so repeatedly
and with such toxicity
that Loki is left burnt and screaming
on the regular.

Because of her kindness,
Sigyn, Loki’s wife,
with a much lower Q Score,
remains in his cave prison
with the largest bowl
her kitchen can provide.
She does what she can
to protect her husband,
collecting what venom
the bowl can hold
keeping it from searing
his sneaky features.

She loves her husband
and even in his worst moments
does her duty
to defend him.

But the bowl overflows
and the acid reaches Loki
and the giant’s son burns
and he screams
and Sigyn winces
and empties the bowl of its pain
but not before the snake’s fangs
drip onto the god of treachery again
and Loki curses his wife
who is there in constant servitude,
simply to help her man.

To face his crimes,
Loki is punished
but for doing good,
so is Sigyn
which is not really the Norse way
but, it seems,
is the way of mankind.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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