Of the Endless Possibilities Under Consideration at the Time

What if you’re invited to a party
and you’re the only one to show up
and it’s on an abandoned street corner
in the middle of the night
and there’s nothing around
but whistling wind
and shadows gathering closer
rapidly hurtling toward you
at a speed most disconcerting?

What if the party is nothing but loneliness
and danger
and a growing suspicion that you’ve been tricked
and maybe
while you’re isolated on some empty avenue,
your apartment is being ransacked
of the few things of value
you have left in the world?
What if you’ve been tricked?
What if you’re Carrie
hold the scary psionic superpowers?

what if you got the address wrong?
What if you weren’t paying attention
and you took down bad information
and you’re waiting a block away from the right place
where all the wine, women, and winning smiles
are awaiting you?
What if this is all
just a misunderstanding?

Except we live in an age
where miscommunications
can be easily amended
and you are not in an easily articulated erroneous option.
You’d know immediately
if you were at the wrong place
or the wrong time
or any number of other What If situations.
You’d know already, surely,
if the Whats had Iffed
or anything else had happened.

You’ve got nothing left to consider tonight.
You know what happened
you just don’t want to consider it.
You’re just racking your imagination
for any other possibility
or explanation
to clarify why
you’d be out alone tonight

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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