Chequered Blankets

I hope you sleep well.
I hope your dreams are not blackened
and maintain the hopes
you deserve to hold.
I hope your picnics remain pleasant
and the gnats are held at bay
or by the bay
in fetid pools of stagnant water
far away from where you lay
your checkered blankets.

I hope you earn your rest
just as you deserve to
and all your daydreams are kind
and honored by whomsoever fulfills such things
in this day and age.
I hope you can get what you want.

I hope you live to be fulfilled
and perfected
and grow up to be mature
and strong and secure in your complexity.
I hope you become everything
that you promise to be.
I hope you live through the night
and tomorrow goes far better
than today.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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