The End of it All

Yeah, you could push me away.
You could send me back
to the bush leagues
remove me from your presence
end my existence as one
in your endless army of admirers.

You could demote me
or fire off missives of rejection
dejecting me constantly
tragically ranking me lower and lower
in your list of lovers
or at least claim it so.
You could bring me low
any number of ways
putting me on hold
for days and days
and days and days
and days!

You could call it quits
call me two shits
start a new Blitz
and attack my people
like in days of yore.
You could call me a bore
say my family lore
is naught but a snore
and that all I adored
is, in truth, but abhorred.
You could break up with me right now
say you’re done with me forevermore
you won’t be rid me so easily.

It takes two to tango
and I ain’t done dancing
just yet.
So you best watch
my step.
There’s more to see
from me yet.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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