The Slow Fast

When I fasted
I used to get the shakes:
delicious shakes
over on Ninth Avenue
during my renaissance of responsibility
at a point when I thought so much more
of myself
and knew so much less
of the world.

I got the shakes
every year
during those slow hours
when no nourishment
was to pass my lips.
I did this because
I was stupid
and I thought a shake was a liquid
and thus a solid choice.

But no liquid
according to my god
is permissible
when I am drowning my sins away
through abstinence.

Now, a wiser man,
I do not follow all the rules.
I wash away my apologies
in water
for the moments of the fast
and slowly see fat disperse
as my sins wisp away
to be clean, once again,
until tomorrow.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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